Raiffeisen Scan&Go

With the mobile application developed by us, the obligation to introduce a POS terminal can be dispensed with, since an entire business process can be followed with the help of the system. With the MyRaiffeisen application or the QR code according to the MNB standard, an immediate transfer order can be made, so the customer can make the payment from his mobile bank account after scanning the generated QR code.

Part of the innovation is also the software's transparent transaction history function, which can be used to track back and track the previous transfers and transactions of all users.

Technologies: Android Kotlin, iOS Swift, Rx

With the application that can also generate the standard MNB or OTP Bank's own QR code, an immediate transfer request can be initiated, which also gives immediate feedback that the transfer has taken place. 


Advantages of the application:

  • Can be operated cost-effectively from your own mobile device, without the need to build a card payment infrastructure
  • The application can also be managed by your company's employees
  • Millions of customers in Hungary can pay with a QR code, as the mobile banking applications of several domestic banks, including OTP, CIB, Takarékbank, Gránitbank and Raiffeisen Bank, are already suitable for QR code payments,
  • You can also start a QR code payment and payment request
  • Customer payments are made immediately, while in the case of bank card payments it may take several days.
  • Affordable solution: there is no monthly fee and you only pay after successful transactions
  • Payment solution based on Hungarian National Bank standards
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